This is a blog about the daily struggles and victories of weight loss.  I am finding myself in a position that I never wanted to be in again.  I am overweight.  I became pregnant with my beautiful baby girl and unfortunately made all the wrong choices.  The healthy lifestyle that I had established before getting pregnant completely out the window and all the unhealthy habits that I have adopted have followed me after my daughter was born.


Well, no more.  I am going back to the healthy lifestyle.  Emphasis on the lifestyle.  This is not a diet.  Diet means short term.  Diet means sacrifice. Diet means restriction.  I can think of no positive word that I associate with diet. Did you know that 65% of people that diet regain all the weight and then some.  I don’t want to diet, I want to lose weight by changing the habits that have brought me to this place in my life.  


This is going to be hard, this is going to be work, but it will be worth it.