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Today was an okay day.  I didn’t do horrible, I didn’t do great.  Had a good day at the Zoo,  was able to get two miles in with the kids.  All and all, okay.  I have been craving a greek salad for WEEKS! I finally got everything I need to make one and it was delicious.  That is going to be my lunch for the rest of the week and I am okay with that.  I am much more of a savory salad eater than a sweet one, those strawberry salads… you can keep them.  Buffalo chicken salad… send it over.  I love tangy, spicy salads.  How about you guys?  Sweet or savory?


It's a good thing I had a salad for lunch because I ended up making myself chocolate cake.  Not a whole cake mind you, but one of those cakes that you mix in your coffee cup and just pop in the microwave, perfect for a single serving.  And even better I share it with the kids to lessen the blow.  Does anyone else do this?  If you want a treat you try to get people to share it with you to reduce your own intake?  I am all for this, doesn’t matter if it is with my kids, friends or mother.  Although it sucks when your friend (aka neighbor) says no and then you have to pretend that you didn’t really want it either.  “Yeah no, I really didn’t want any, I just thought maybe you did…” Story of my life.