Two hard fought miles tonight.  I woke up feeling like crap so I wasn’t able to get my miles in until after supper and let me tell you that was a struggle.  I am such a sucker for any type of animal clickbait on Facebook it's ridiculous.  Today I was looking at one about pictures of dogs with their new owners on day 1 and it was adorable!  I was so in love with these pictures that I started thinking, maybe we should get a second dog…?  We already have one dog and one cat but maybe we should get another dog, Han would love someone else to play with.  I’m home most of the time, we should totally get another dog.  I even went on to the humane society’s website and looked at the dogs, and man… they were cute.  Then I went into the kitchen and was greeted by note one, but two piles of puke from one of the animals.  I’m fine with the animals we have.



This week has been blah… It dawned on me this past weekend that christmas is coming soon and I need to start thinking about christmas gifts.  That means spending freeze, which for me means not leaving the house.  I have no willpower when it come to shopping! The best solution is to not even put myself in the situation.  Not getting out of the house can be rough, it sounds like a dream, but it gets old quick.  It's just blah.  I’m ready for friday.