I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, mine was fantastic!!  A very successful girls weekend, door county was amazing, I highly suggest you try to take a weekend up there.  



I was really worried about this past weekend being an over-indulgent weekend and feeling really guilty about it, but it turned out okay!  Between drinking and eating the weekend could have been horribly calorie dense but it wasn’t!  Yes, I indulged but I did a lot of sharing and I made sure to stay active.  I was really worried about keeping up with my run streak but I nailed it, what was even cooler was all the girls went with me!  Yay exercise!! Friday we left to get up there and I knew that if I didn’t get up and exercise before we left no way it was going to get done.  I mean come on, we were heading straight to a wine trolley!  I am the kind of person that once I have a cocktail, I am not exercising, I am done.  My alarm was supposed to (you see where this is going all ready) go off at 430 am… I woke up at 520 and I needed to be out the door at the latest at 6.  Crap.  I woke up panicked and knew there was no way I could get my mile in and be ready to leave on time.  I was freaking out the entire car ride up there on how I could make this work, and it worked out that we arrived at the wine trolley early enough that I quickly got a mile in!!!  I was so proud of myself that I actually committed to get it done.  Maybe this run streak is really helping my healthy attitude!



Even though I didn’t over-indulge this weekend, I feel like I need to reset my eating.  I almost feel like I have to do a cleanse or something!  I have never done a cleanse before but I need to just really concentrate on getting vitamins and minerals into my body.  You get me?  Let's get this week started out right!