Is this how a werewolf feels?

This post may be TMI for some.  So leave now if you are uncomfortable with period talk.  


That time of the month.  For the most part I am pretty even keel before, during, and after my period, I am one of the lucky ones that way.  Really the only changes that would come with my “time of the month” (or Aunt Irma for any of my IT crowd fans) is a pimple and I would eat more.  Since giving birth and stopping breast feeding I have had my period about 3 times so far and let me tell you…. Watch the f out.  


 I feel you honey, I feel you.

I feel you honey, I feel you.

To all the ladies that mood swings are part of the norm every month.  Bless you, bless you and your loved ones.  I am a couple days out and I called my husband to tell him “I think this is how a werewolf feels when a full moon is coming” I feel like there is a monster trying to crawl its way out of me!! I am not even exaggerating!!  Yesterday we were all outside getting some exercise, I was perfectly fine, enjoying my family and thinking how lucky I am when our dogged pooped and I lost it!  Lost it!  Brad looked at me like “what the hell.”  I was so angry and then for some reason the dogging pooping was all Brad's fault and I just wanted to scream at him!  What?!  Because our dog pooped and we were responsible owners and took care of it?  Because our dog pooped OUTSIDE and we were prepared for said pooping, I lost it.  


Brad asked me what set me off and why was I so mad and that stopped me in my tracks, “why am I so angry?”  Thankfully that was just the thing to say to put my head on straight but good luck to him for the next couple of days, he might not be so lucky.  I also just want to eat!!!  Part of me is like “do I feed the monster and maybe that will make everything better?”  the other part of me is like “do I starve the monster and stay angry but feel better at the end…?”  I am lucky enough that I have an awesome support team that I called and put me on the straight and narrow.  It was unanimous that I should get out of the house and exercise, and that is exactly what I did.  That gave my family a few hours….