Friday Enticements 10-20-17

First things first, weekly check in

 Don't mind how I look, I was painting all day

Don't mind how I look, I was painting all day


Pounds lost this week    0

Total pounds lost            8


I am not upset by this at all, because if you read yesterdays blog you know the reason why.  I believe this is a false negative ;)


Here is what I am looking forward to this weekend!


Pumpkins- we are getting our pumpkins this weekend!  I am thinking of carving a wolf on mine, I got the below pattern on Pinterest and I think I can handle this!



Trick or treating- The first round of trick or treating starts this weekend for us, I can’t wait to see my little boy out there.  This is the first year he really gets it, the holidays are going to be awesome!


Holey Moley Doughnuts- I am not a big doughnut person but these sound awesome!


Finishing the kitchen!! We are so close I can taste it, we completely re-painted everything and it looks so much better!


My bro coming home- he is off at college and will be gracing us with his presence this weekend, I am excited to see him, I miss the kid.  


Enjoy your weekend!