Hola!  Does any else feel that when they get up and work out early, they are hungrier than normal throughout the day…?  



If you haven’t guessed by my initial comment, I was wide awake this morning, so instead of just tossing and turning I decided to just get it done.  Since starting my run streak, I normally get 2 miles in with the occasional 5k in there and I have been contemplating running a marathon.  I know, I know… Big difference between 2 miles and 26.2 miles.  Thats a huge commitment.  Huge.  I’m not even talking about running the actual marathon, but the actual hours and hundreds of miles in preparation is a huge commitment.  


So how do you know if you are ready for a marathon?  I was looking online for marathon training programs and most were 16-20 weeks long, but several sites said before you start training you should be able to handle 50 miles a week.  Let me tell you…. I’m not there.  By the end of the month I will have about 73 miles.  That is my month... According to some of the sites I was checking out, I should have had hit 73 miles on 10th… the 10th.  That is roughly 7 miles a day.  I have some work to do.


Before I make my final decision I am going to try to up my weekly mileage.  Right now, I am averaging about 18 miles a week, so if I am thinking about running a marathon next October, I would need to start training mid June…. That gives me 7 months to get up to 50 miles a week, so if I add 5 miles per week each month that will easily get me to my goal.  Did you follow along with my math there?  You should hear me when I am actually running and I am trying to figure my timing and how much longer I have!!  


Let see how this goes,