Master Trainer

Hello everyone, I hope your week is going by quickly!  I love Thursday’s there is something wonderful about being on the cusp of the weekend!  


Today was a good day, I was able to meet up with some of my girls and get some walking in!  These are the girls that I have the weight loss competition going on with at the moment.  (For more on that look here)  It is nice hanging out with them (for multiple reasons) because we are all on the same health page.  We all have our exercise apps, counting step and logging food.  Just overall trying to maintain a healthy diet.  These wonderful girls with very little prompting are going to run the 5k Pumpkin Run with me on Sunday, yay!!!!  We are all at different pace levels but are going to try to push each other for the best result possible.  Our goal at the moment is somewhere between 45-50 min.  That would be a 15/mile pace, which I totally think is doable for all of us.  I love how willing these girls are to try new things and encourage each other!  #girlpower


After our walk today we sat down and had a cocktail and shared a pizza.  Now, I was nervous about this because this is the exact environment that I crumble in!!  Thankfully hanging with girls of like mind it was easier to make healthier choices.  I am not saying my choices were the best, but they were better.  A Guinness instead of a cocktail (fun fact- Guinness is one of the healthiest and lowest calorie beers out there) and we ordered a smaller size pizza so there was less to eat to begin with.  The size of the pizza was the same as a frozen pizza and I was able to stop after 2 pieces!  Go Paula!  It was nice to leave girls night not feeling guilty!  I am very happy that we are mixing business with pleasure. ;)



Check in tomorrow, I hope I have good news!