The need to eat

Ahhhhhh!!! What does everyone do when the need to eat? I’m not talking “I’m starving and I need to eat” but “I’m bored so eat!!”  I feel like I am on “Red alert” right now.(Thank you to all my star trek fans for getting this) These moments are the most dangerous when trying to lose weight, it is so quick to lose control and just eat everything!!!  What do you do? Make yourself a snack when you are not really hungry hoping to satisfy the compulsion to eat or do you suffer through and hope it goes away?  I’m between a rock and hard place right now.  


Distraction I think is best. (I mean what do I know, at this point I am trying to convince you as much as myself) That compulsion to eat makes me feel like an addict, but maybe that is not to far off.  As I write it is early afternoon and I am purposely writing at this moment to help myself get over this “food hump,” but I can’t help but see all the similarities of my position to those of an addict.  All I can think about is food, I feel like I want to crawl out of my skin, I’m very anxious, and I NEED a fix!  These are all signs of withdraw!!!  Not going to lie my mind is a little blown right now!  I should put it out there, that I am in no way comparing what I am going through to what an addict goes through, but there are some interesting parallels.  


I wonder if i'm just used to eating which is causing the “food hump” or if I am going through sugar withdrawal…. I do believe sugar is the white devil and man does it have its grip in me.  I am going to take the kids outside instead and get my run streak on.  I will prevail!


Update-the exercise worked!  Got 3 miles and came home with no compulsion to eat!