Pumpkin Run Recap

Happy Monday!  We had our trick or treating Sunday night and I think it is safe to say that I am pretty much pure sugar at this point…



Thankfully I started the day out right with the Pumpkin Run 5k with my girls Amber and Jessi! This was both of there first 5k’s and I was honoured they choose me to pop their cherries.  ;)  A Lighthouse event was a perfect introduction to their running future, they treat you right.  Put on jumpin jams, awesome t-shirt, great care after with a beer, what else could you ask for?  We started out with a goal of finishing within 45-50 minutes.  We all are at different fitness levels and unsure if we could run the entire thing, well challenge accepted.


This being the girls first run they both were worried about pacing themselves, that job went to me.  Between the three of us my goal was to keep us around 13:00 min/mile, I was hoping we could run half a mile walk a quarter and so on.  Well, let me tell you, we nailed it.  I was so proud of us, we ran the entire time and kept a pace of 12:52, and finished in just under 40 minutes!!! Woohoo! I really wanted them to run another 5k with me on New Year's Eve but both wanted to see how today went, well… they are in, and our new goal is 35 minutes.  We got this.


One more piece of candy…