Rediscover this day

Man am I glad Tuesday is over.  My husband has been keeping late hours at work and let me tell you that I need him at the end of the night with the kids!  How do single parents do it, there are just rough days in parenting and I just had a rough day.  

 This was very much needed today

This was very much needed today


Does anyone else get Rediscover this day from Google on their phones?  It is like Facebook memories but with Google… Anyways, today Google gave me a cruel reminder of how awesome I looked 2 years ago.  2 years ago!! I was lookin bangin 2 years ago! That just depresses me.  Yesterday I talked about comparing yourself to other but what about comparing yourself to yourself?  Is that better or worse… On one hand you did it once you can do it again, but on the other it can be a reminder of your failures.  



I have decided to use this as motivation to get back to that bangin bod and stay there.  Comparing ourselves to ourselves can be some of the most effective motivation out there.  Trying to “best” ourselves is a great way to push ourselves.  Run faster, squat heavier, read more.  Think of all the Personal Best people strive for, put time and effort into improving themselves, outside motivation may play a part but inside motivation is what keeps you going.  So thank you Google for providing inside motivation.