Getting Ready

I have to say I am really excited for tomorrows weigh in, I feel like I have made awesome choices this week!  As I have said before I am counting calories right now and every day I have had about 100 calories left over!!  That never happens!  I am the person that has eaten all her days calories by 10 am and wondering how far I have to run to be able to eat supper!  On top of that, today was the first day I was able to run a consistent 5k(3.1 miles) without stopping!  What?!  That progress.  Watch be only be done a few ounces… You know that is exactly what is going to happen… Well, as I said before I am seeing improvement in other areas, so if I barely lost a pound progress can be measured in other areas.

 Pure sweat... and maybe tears

Pure sweat... and maybe tears


One of the biggest changes in my life that I have made since getting back on my health journey is getting ready.  The first 3-4 months after I had my daughter it was not surprising to see me in pj’s for 3-4 days.  It was bad guys… like bad.  For me, the act of getting ready is huge for my morale.  Just taking the time to put effort in my appearance no matter what my size is just good for my soul!  I’m not talking about a full face of makeup, hair done… I’m just talking presentable.  I think my husband is also grateful that this is now happening.  I think he thought it was funny the first couples of times he came home from work and there was no change in my appearance since rolling out of bed, after that I think he became… concerned.


No matter what shape or size we are, getting ready for the day can help us conquer it.  Putting effort into ourselves on the outside can truly make a difference on the inside.  Feeling like we have an acceptable exterior to present to the world(even if the only people that see said exterior are both 3 and under) some how gives a false sense(or real) of confidence that can be key in our decision making skills.  Work out or not work out? “Well, I want to look good in my leggings and shirt (pretty much all I wear) so work out.”  Carrots and hummus or ice cream? “Well, my skin is looking nice so I’ll stay away from the sugar.”  Am I making sense?  No.. Thats cool.


See you tomorrow, cross your fingers for me with my weekly check in!