Long Runs

My little girls 1st birthday was a success!  Everything went so well, and I am just so happy.  I was so proud of how our house looked, all those weekend of hard work totally paid off.  This is why you work hard.  I have to say our little girl was spoiled!  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family, they really took care of my little girl.  I can not tell you how excited I am to dress her each day, she has some of the cutest outfits!!!  We are going to have to go places and be seen!


With how busy our weekend was I was not able to get the mileage in that I wanted to.  Friday and Saturday I only had time to get a mile and a half in each day.  Thankfully Sunday I was able to get 3.3 miles in, but I really wanted to get in 3 each day. :(  With my goal of getting 25 miles in per week I either need to run 3.5 miles every day (which for the most part is doable) or I could run 2 miles a couple days and aim for longer runs on the weekend.  

 Brad looks thrilled

Brad looks thrilled


Long runs… doesn’t that just sound kind of horrible!!!  Long runs….ugh!!! That is not the right reaction if I am thinking about running a marathon!  I might want to change my tune, and quickly!  There are a lot of benefits of long runs (I am trying to talk myself into this) and they are crucial when trying to train for a long distance run.  To help get myself in the right mindset I have come up with a list of reason why long runs are crucial and maybe even fun! (hahahahahahahahaha!!! Fun!!!!!)


  1. You get to eat more.  You burn about a hundred calories per mile running.  Runner's World had an article with an exact formula on the amount of calories you burn.

    1. Your weight X .72 = calories burned

  2. Lose more fat.  Routine long runs will actually teach your body to use fat as an energy source instead of sugar.  (No wonder runners are so lean)

  3. Stronger heart!  Get the heart pumping!

  4. Sexy legs.  I mean that is kind of a given.

  5. Me time!  

  6. Strong mind.  Long runs can turn into Mind of Matter rather quickly.  Nothing will make you feel prouder than pushing through that “I can’t” mentality.

  7. You get faster!!!  Most runners are always in pursuit of the mighty PR. (personal record) Crushing your own best is a high all on its own.

  8. Confidence.  Knowing that you already ran a certain amount of miles is the push that you need sometimes to do the same over again

  9. Carb loading.  It's a thing for a reason.  (wine is a carb right?)

  10. Bragging rights. You know it feels good to casually drop “I was only able to get in X miles today, nothing big” Don’t even pretend it doesn’t. :)


Enjoy your run!