I love Social Media

Good Morrow friends.  Hopefully life is treating you well.  I spent all of yesterday making croissants.  I am trying to up my skills as a baker so that means baking.  I attempted and succeeded (at least I think so) making puff pastry.  It took all day, but I made butter, almond and chocolate croissants and my husband loved them!  He doesn’t go overboard a lot with my cooking, but the almond croissants got a huge reaction!  A little uncomfortable to watch actually… I think that was the first time I ever saw him have that much pleasure…



Anyways… I was thinking about social media and how it can inspire us.  Let's be real, most of us have our noses in our phones most of the time, and most of that time is spent on social media.  Looking at social media can give us a glimpse of the things we could be doing.  (how are so many people always at the beach? Don’t they have jobs?)  In a way it keeps us accountable.  At least I know it has helped me.  Knowing that people are following your progress and using you as inspirational tool is HUGE!  I know what you are thinking… “umm Paula, you only get like 2 likes….” Those 2 likes are important.   Likewise, seeing other people posting/talking about their workouts no matter how well or bad it went but still getting it done can be the push that I need to get up and do it myself.  I follow a lot of runners on Instagram and seeing their pace is another motivation to push myself.  Having tangible goals and silent competition with myself are the tools that will get me to my goal.  


There can be a lot of hate on social media (for some reason people feel they can say what they want without repercussions) so it is to ignore that and use what is being put out there as a positive tool.  A way for self improvement.  (hopefully I just justified all the time I spend on social media…)