I hate Social Media

Yes, yes, I know. I said I loved social media yesterday… Listen I would categorize my relationship with social media as “it's complicated.”  As much as social media can lift you up it can also push you down a very dark and slippery road.  Seeing how “wonderful” everyone else's life is, can just be a slap in the face.  It can make you feel like all your hard work is nothing and why bother.  You see all these fit men and woman, and it makes you feel like what little progress you have accomplished is nothing and why bother?  You(I mean me) compare yourself to these seemingly perfect people and it's a lose lose situation.  When you(again I mean me) have so far to go on your own journey looking at these accounts can actually be harmful.  

 How I feel after looking at social media some days

How I feel after looking at social media some days


Here's the thing, social media is mostly a scam.  You can give a very edited view of your life, and you are the editor.  So of course you are only going to put up the good and amazing. (guilty) Why would you show people at your lowest? (unless you are me) We all have that image to maintain, people to impress, money to make, and it is perfectly justifiable.  I am all for showing people your best, but I have to remember to that is exactly what social media is (mostly) used for.  That I am seeing a glimpse of person's life and not the whole, that they may have struggled just as I am, or struggling still.  A picture is worth a thousand words so pick your words carefully.



(tomorrows blog will be “social media is okay” ;))