What we have been training for

Another weekend success!  The hubby is making real progress on our table!  Full disclosure… it was touch and go there for a bit, but we have turned a corner and we are now starting on the herringbone pattern.  Yay!  I really need to stretch and foam roll.  I am just so lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff. My IT band and the inside of lower leg are killing me.  Like waking me up in the middle of the night pain.  I really need to stretch.  Ugh.



You guys…. This week is Thanksgiving.  This is the big one, the one that we have been training for.  I’m talking portion control NOT full on feast mode.  Thanksgiving is such a gluttonous holiday.  I mean it really is all about eating, and maybe a side of thanks.  Honestly I don’t even remember what the holiday is all about anymore… pilgrims and Indians…?  It has turned into such a food holiday that the actual meaning about behind the day has become lost.  I am not saying “don’t eat” or “avoid certain foods.”  I am saying be smart on your portions.  There is no need to eat to such an extent that you are physically uncomfortable.  (Which I usually do)

 Tender and Juicy... you will be... you will be.

Tender and Juicy... you will be... you will be.

Don’t load up on all the appetizers and finger food that may be out before the big meal. I know one of my biggest problems during event like this is nervous or bored eating. I know bored eating sounds weird at a party situation but sometimes you have those moments to yourself when you are kind of in limbo.  Maybe people are watching a football game and others are cooking so it one of those bored moments, reach for a glass of water instead.  Or maybe reach for the fruit and veggie tray. (minus the dip)  I will grab a drink I don’t really like so I drink it slowly and don’t consume the extra calories that way.  Am I the only one that does this?  


Let's get ready to rumble