Partner Workout 11-21-17


This one was hard guys.  Running and a leg workout… Whew.  I tell you, the last half mile interval was hard!!!  The neighbor was trying to talk to me and I could barely comprehend what she was saying!  I was counting down every hundredth of a mile I still had to run!!  You know it's bad if you are counting down by the hundreth!  Here you ladies and gents, enjoy.


 My view in between exercises

My view in between exercises

Aim for a total of 2 miles running time, that means each set of exercises get repeated twice.  Each exercise is performed to 1 minute.  For you first interval of running start at moderate pace (I started at 5.5) and increase by .3-.5 each turn.  I ended at 6.5



Curtsy squats

Sumo squats


Hip Thrust

Reverse Hyperextension (image below)




I’m exhausted.