You need to bother

Hello everyone.  Today was another 4 miles on the treadmill for me.  Let me tell you, those four miles were loooooong with no music and nothing but my husband's work bench to look at.  I will say this though, sometimes (maybe most of the time) half the battle is just starting.  I put off running all day today and when I finally started I was all ready to just run a mile.  I was very much NOT in the mindset to work out.  But once you start and get going it is much easier to continue, and 4 miles later I am very happy that I started.  



Okay guys.  Tomorrow is the big day, Thanksgiving.  If you are anything like the old me (I like to think there is an old me but it could still be current me) on big “eating” days I would like to say “why bother?”  “I am going to be eating all day so why bother exercising”  “It does not even matter if I exercise so, why bother?”  DO NOT DO THIS!!!! You very much need to bother!  Exercise is so important on big “eating” days.   Yes, you still may over eat, but at least you got some sort of exercise.   I don’t care what you have to do, get up early, walk at halftime, whatever you have to do to get exercise tomorrow, you do it.  Do you hear me, you do it!!  


 This is from two years ago when I did a Turkey Trot :)

This is from two years ago when I did a Turkey Trot :)

It will help put you in the right frame of mind.  Going into big “eating” days having already exercised helps regulate your portions.  You worked so hard to burn those calories, why destroy all that hard work in one fell swoop.  So make sure you put in some hard work tomorrow.  I will be right there with getting a run in before I need to start cooking.  Let's bother.