Holiday Stress-Money Edition

And another week begins.  Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful, delicious, and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.  It went quick didn’t it?!  We had Thanksgiving at our house and it is amazing how 5-6 hours of work can be enjoyed in 15 minutes.  Although, the carb loading that happened this weekend was awesome and did make for easier runs.  So I will just eat like that all the time, that sounds right. ;)



The hubby and I partook in the annual black friday shopping, which began one of the biggest stresses of the holiday season, money.  Every year I say I am going to set money aside every pay period so I don’t have to pay for all the gifts in 2-3 paychecks and every year I don’t.  Preparation is key and I am never prepared for the cost of christmas.  This single handedly can make me dislike the holidays.  It's my own fault.  It's not like christmas is this new trend that we are trying out.  In my defense it does come up quick.  One minute we are watching fireworks and then BOOM thanksgiving is over and we are putting up the tree!!!  Not only that but I am at the age where every year we have new additions to the family meaning more gifts that are needed.


Here is the thing though, I like buying gifts.  I love giving people gifts, it makes me happy.  But I need to learn that I don’t need to buy the best of the best.  I am very much a “name label” person (which doesn’t jive on a one-income household) and that needs to stop.  I equat labels with quality and that is such a snobbish attitude not to mention a wrong one.  I feel I need to spend all this money on people but if someone were to give me a gift they handmade I think it's one of the best gifts I could get.  So why doesn’t that same logic hold when giving gifts.  When it comes to the holidays any gift received is received well.  Don’t put all the stress on yourself (I mean myself) give what you can (within reason) and try to just enjoy what the holidays are about.  Be creative with gifts, pinterest is your best friend this time of year, and when all else fails… give them booze.  :)