Weekly Enticements 11-3-17

 Hey Everyone,


First things first, weekly check-in!



Pounds lost this week  1

Total pounds lost           11


Yay for progress!


Here is what I am looking forward to this weekend


Carpet cleaning, we have lived in our house for 4 years and have never cleaned our carpets before.  Do normal people get this done regularly…?  I just assumed you got new flooring… :l

Glorioso's- I am all out of muffalatta (basically an olive relish if you don’t know what it is) and I love the mix they sell at this little Italian grocery store down in Milwaukee.  I love this place and I am super excited to go eat lunch there!  


Muffalatta- Yes, I love it so much it deserves its own spot.  Spicy… olive… relish… yes, oh yes.


Daylight Savings-An extra hour!!

New shoes- I am getting major shin splits and need new shoes ASAP!  


I hope you all enjoy your weekend! And your extra hour!