Holiday Stress- Weight Edition

2 miles with my girls while walking the mall, yes and yes.  I rarely go shopping or to the mall (or anywhere….) anymore and I really need to make the effort to do so.  Looking at all these cute clothes really help give you motivation to keep up a healthy lifestyle.  



Walking the mall yesterday was perfect timing because the holiday food is starting to get to me.  Yesterday was…. Well not good.  The kids and I made cookies and… yeah.  Let's just stop there.  And then I had the unhealthy attitude of just “screw it” and indulged the rest of the day.  This is why the holidays are so dangerous!!!  It quickly turns into a “screw it” month not just a day.  In December it is so important to know it is okay to indulge every now and again and then get back on track.  Lets not make this “screw it” December.  Dang you Holidays and all the stresses you bring!!!(shaking fists at sky) I know it's common to gain weight this month but let's change that.  Lets maintain or lose weight!  



On a side note, I am loving the velvet trend right now!!!