Friday Enticements 11-10-17

Let's get straight to it, weekly check in!

Total pounds lost this week     1 lb

Total pounds lost so far           12 lbs



Taking every pound I can!!


Here is what I am looking forward to this weekend!

My baby girl turns 1!!! I can not believe how fast this first year has gone!! It was rough on her and us, so hopefully the next couple years are easier!


Smash Cake.  I am so excited for this.  If you have food she is grabbing at it, so I am really hopeful that she destroys her cake!! We are getting her cake through Cakes While You Wait, and they always do a good job.  For Baron’s 1st birthday we had a Brown Bear theme (he loved that book) and they did such a good job!


Entertaining.  I love having people over and cooking and baking.  Everything about it I enjoy.

The Cake.  I am really excited about the cake everyone else is going to be having, confetti cake with a strawberry champagne filling!  You know you want to try it.

Run Streak. I am going to enjoy getting the next 3 days runs with the hubby!  He doesn’t know this yet. ;)



Enjoy your weekend!