Friday Enticements 12-1-17

How is it december already?!?!


Per usual, weekly check in.



Pounds lost this week   0

Total pounds lost           13


Even though the scale has really not moved a ton so far, I am starting to truly see results.  I have a waist again, shirts that I have not been able to fit in, fit, and ALL my pants are fitting better.  This goes to show that not everything can be based on the scale.  


Not going to lie, I am going into this weekend with dread.  My son has the stomach flu…  (thanks neighbours) and from what I have seen of this vicious beast is it will take down EVERYONE!  I feel like I am on borrowed time…


Here is what I am looking forward to this weekend


The holiday train.  The holiday train uses the track by our house so it's pretty cool to get in the car with some hot cocoa and mulled wine and wait for it to come along.  


Shopping.  Brad’s holiday party is coming up soon so I want to get something fun to wear.  I’m thinking velvet…


Mulled Wine.  I love me some mulled wine


The Great American Baking Show.  This doesn't start till the 7th but I am so stoked for this



Not getting sick.  I really hope this comes true