Arm workout

Arm Workout


Hey guys, here is an arm work that Jessi shared with me.  And since she lost 18 pounds I figure she is knows what she is talking about.  She said it was a killer arm workout and she was right, this work out is from the girls of Tone it Up.  If you have never heard of them, go check out their YouTube channel, they have some awesome stuff.  

 look at that form!

look at that form!


Repeat each exercise 12-15 times, repeat for 2-3 cycles.  Use whatever weight (or no weight) you feel comfortable with



Wide grips pushups


Single arm row

Shoulder press

Tricep kickbacks

Dumbbell extensions


Repeat previous 4 exercises on other side


(complete following exercises on both arms at the same time)

Upright dumbbell row

Overhead dumbbell press

Side raises