Clean Slate

Hello everyone!!!  Man, what a difference a day can make.  Yesterday it was all bah-hum-bug and today it is all Julie Andrews on the mountains from Sound of Music.  I got three miles in and my eating was on point!!!  



I love it when a plan comes together.  Where as yesterday I fell apart and just gorged myself on stuff I don’t even like, today we made cookies and they were not inviting at all.  And it's not because they didn’t look good.  Maybe it's just because I had all that sugar yesterday but I had no desire to eat the cookies.  I made two different cookies and Brad and I shared half of each and they were pretty damn good if I say so myself.  I actually felt really good about myself, it's not even that I had awesome self control and was able to stop, its that I was actually full.  WHen we were in Chicago we got doughnuts from Stan’s doughnut and I was positive I was easily going to finish the two doughnuts I got, but nope.  I stopped at one and half and that was a struggle.  My healthy habits are having positive effects!



It was fun to decorate cookies with the kids.  I use the term decorate loosely there, between my boy taking spoonfuls of frosting and just shoving them in his mouth and my daughter trying to do the same, very little decorating was done.  


In case you were wondering my kids still drove me nuts…. Jesus take the wheel…’