The Challenge

I am one of those people that has few friends but many acquaintances.  I have my core friends that know everything about me and that seems about just the right number.  Making friends is just too much work.  Anybody else in my boat?


Anyways, two of my closest friends are from high school and with all of us living in the same state again it has been wonderful getting together and socializing.  Our past couple outings we have tried to do something healthy by walking 2 miles before we go have our cocktails and pizza… Balance.  (It would be more of a balance if i just had one cocktail… and if it was a single…) Before one of us broke up the band and moved to california for years *cough* Jessi *cough* during the Holiday season we would always go to Chicago for the German Christmas market called ChriskindlMarket.  Now, the girl who will remain nameless *cough* Jessi *cough* has been back in Wisconsin for a couple of years, but this will be the first year we all can go to the Christmas market together again. To say I am excited is a gross understatement.  Now, in our younger years we would take a train from Wisconsin down to Chicago and just spend the day there, now that we are older we are actually going to drive and stay the night for a proper girls night.


Which brings us to the challenge.  During said cocktails and pizza we started talking about weight loss and how we all wanted to lose some pounds.  I don’t know about you but having a challenge or event always helps me get back on track with my health. Having some sort of event can really help with the lack of motivation that everyday lacks.  So, we decided to have a little competition.  Whoever got closest to losing 10% of the body weight will be the winner.  Not going to lie, part of me wants to lose because the losers have to buy the winner a glass ornament of their choice.  The Christmas market has beautiful German glass ornaments that range from traditional globes to just weird.  Like skulls and naked Santas(which personally I wouldn’t say no to, and if i lose that is what I will be purchasing.)  So the end date is December 8 and I can’t wait to kick their asses!  In only the most healthy of ways. ;)


Anyone want to join in?