I need to be walked

This past weekend was a busy weekend socially.  Normally Brad and I are pretty busy with household work but we don’t have a ton of plans socially.  I guess we are just more of homebodies which is normally fine with me but now that I am not working I need some adult time.  



Friday we went to a local beer garden where we were able to hang out with friends and our kids were able to play at the park.  Saturday we had Brad’s work family event where I was able to socialize with Brad’s co-workers and their spouses, and finally Sunday I went for a nice trail walk with my mom and hung out at the neighbors house for the Packer game.  That is 3 whole days of socialization.  Three consecutive days of showering. (there was a time earlier in the year that 2 consecutive days of showering was huge…) Three consecutive days of makeup.  What?!  I have such a pep in my step, I slept great, and all because we had good quality adult time!


When I was walking with my mom I couldn’t help but notice how happy my dog Han was.  Tail wagging, checking out all the new scents, we ended up with five miles but Han could have done 5 more.  Up until the past month I have not been a good dog owner, she(yes, Han is a girl) has not been getting the exercise that she needs, and she very much needs it.  B.A (before Alex)  I was pretty much always in training mode for some running event I had coming up, and most of them were half marathons. (13.1 miles) Han was always my running partner, so for her to go from that to nothing most have been hard for her.  Exercise is so important to a dog's mental and physical health, and that really hit me when I was trail walking with my mom Sunday. But then it hit me, I need to be walked!  I need to go out and socialize and enjoy my peers!  


I am not saying that Brad needs to prance me around like a dog in Westminster(I would like to think I would come up in the top 3) but we definitely need to get out.  When I was working I was okay not going out and us just hanging out together, but no longer.  I need to be walked.