Friday Enticements 9-22-17

Weekly Check In



Weekly Weight loss .5 pounds

Total weight loss 3 pounds


I have to say, yesterday was the first day in a long time that when I was dressing I didn’t feel like a sausage getting stuffed into it’s casing!


This is what I am looking forward to this weekend!


1.  Beer Garden-  This weekend is the last weekend for the beergarden by our house, today we are meeting some friends there to end it on a high note!


2.  Smothered Pork chops- We are having some friends over on Saturday and I am making smothered pork chops…. I may be drooling a little right now.

3.  Painting the front door- We have completely re-done the outside of our house and painting the front door is the last step.  I can not wait to be done with this!!


4.  Fall Sangria- I am working on a recipe for fall sangria and let's just say I am very excited for the experimental portion of the recipe development.  What I do for you guys.

5.  Family time- Every weekend for the past 2-3 months we have had events or work that have filled up our time, it is going to be nice to just relax and enjoy my family without having to worry about any timeline



Enjoy your weekend!