Paleo? Keto? Macros? How do you eat?

Heeellllooooo! (I hope you heard that in Oprah’s voice)  Today I ended up running at night and I forgot how much I enjoy it!!  I try to run during the daylight hours for safety reasons but man is it wonderful at night.  Listening to all the crickets, seeing the stars and the moon.  I fell in love a little bit… The temperature was reading 78, but man did it feel perfect, that is usually way too hot for me but tonight… stunning… just stunning.  I miss campfires



What kind of food plan do you guys follow?  There are too many options!  Who knew eating could be so hard!  Cutting carbs, eating by your blood type, counting your macros, caveman diet, there are just too many choices!  Now, I for the most part believe in moderation, I try not to delete any food group from my diet just… moderation.  As soon as I say “no carbs” I can almost guarantee that within 48hrs I will be stuffing my face with pasta on top of garlic bread. (garlic bread… mmmm)  But it is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when there are all these diet choices to help lose weight.  Speaking for myself, I can not maintain my weight loss when I am on diet plans such as these.  I can only maintain the eating regulations for so long, then when I start to eat them again I always end up gorging myself.  So for my final big weight loss, I plan on moderation.


There are a few valuable lessons I have learned from my diet tango, and I hope they will make the difference in my final weight loss.  

  1. Real food is best

  2. Get your veggies in

  3. Preparation is key

  4. Don’t waste your calories on drinks (ex. Fancy coffee, cocktails, juices, soda)

  5. You cannot out train a bad diet

  6. Spices can make a diet a lifestyle (you can take boring food and spice it up to amazingness)


See you tomorrow!