Friday Enticements 9-29-17

Friday!!!!!! I have a jammed pack weekend ahead, I really want to re-paint my kitchen before my little girsl first birthday but I really have no idea when that is going to happen?  I only have about 5 weeks and almost every weekend is busy!  AHHH!  I’ll figure it out… I hope


First things first, weekly check in


Week 4

Pounds lost this week  3

Total pounds lost           6



Here is what I am looking forward to this weekend


Oktoberfest up in Appleton.  I have never been but we are meetins some friends there so it will be a blast.  Plus, beer and food… done.


Pumpkin Beer- I was looking at the beer menu for this weekned and there pumpkin beer game is killing it!  I can not wait!


Lung Force Walk- I am happy to be spreading the awareness for the lung force, I’m unhappy about the reason why.  My dear friend lost her husband almost a year ago to lung cancer at the age of 32, never smoked.  Does that not just make you sick. #Fcancer


Elephants.  The Lung Force Walk will be taking place at the Zoo so I get to see Elephants!  They are by far my favorite, I love how family oriented they are.  

Snakes…. I’m not really looking forward to this one but my son is.  He LOVES the reptile room at the zoo.  I don’t thing we even need to look at anything else as far as he is concerned… ugh!


Enjoy your weekend everyone!  What are you favorite animals at the Zoo?