Making time, not finding

Since becoming the mother of two I have also become a stay at home mom.  Now, you may be saying to yourself “don’t you have nothing but time then..” Not really.  That may change as my kids get older but now I have to focus on you know, keeping them alive.  My little girl is 9 months old and loves to put anything and everything in her mouth, especially any sort of electrical cord. (I had no idea I had so many exposed cords in my house..) Even worse, she’s a climber… she single handedly has taken 20 years off my life.  



Brad and I both really struggled trying to find time for ourselves those first few months, it isn’t until recently that we have some sort of routine.  It really came down to making time, putting ourselves first.  That may sound selfish but it’s not.  To all my parents out there that struggle with this, we can not have guilt for taking care of ourselves.  My little girl was born with some health issues(which I will go into at a later date, most likely much later) and had 3 surgeries before she was 6 months old. :( This really added to my guilt, and instead of using my time wisely, I used it to eat… and bake… then eat again… (Dang you Great British Bake Off) After giving birth I actually gained 15 pounds instead of losing anything!!!  Looking back I think I was depressed but that is a whole different blog.  


Now when I even have 10 minutes to myself I try to do something active.  I have been loving HIIT workouts for that reason.  Lately I have been able to get longer stretches of time that I can actually get a run which is wonderful!!  Something I have learned about myself, running is one of the most effective ways for me to lose weight.  You really just have to grab the bull by the horns and get things done.  None of this “later” business or “I don’t have time right now”  Just get it done, I always feel good after a workout.  Especially when I run, suddenly I have the answers to even our nation's budget. (Ha!) Later always turn into never, and I am very much preaching from the choir here.  


Today was a good day and I was able to get a quick lower body workout in the morning in, and then I was able to get 2 miles on the treadmill while both kids were napping.  2 miles at 13:50 pace, I can’t wait to get back to under 10 minute miles!


Get some exercise and see you tomorrow!