What really is accountability?  I know what it is, but what really is it?  I know a lot of us out there have someone they are accountable to for health or personal goals, and that usually works... for awhile.  That is the classic route I usually take when it comes to weight loss. I tell people I want to lose weight and ask for their help, after 2 weeks when they try to help me, I almost bite their head off.  It's so bad that when I ask Brad for help he doesn’t even try to help, he knows he is between a rock and hard place.  Poor Brad, I am so happy he has stayed with me.



The only person we are truly accountable to is ourselves, and to be honest, myself is really lenient.  I know I am trying to lose weight for both health and personal reasons, and I know that as time passes I will be happy for my hard work, but damn is it hard to be accountable in the moment!!  I am a stay at home mom and have a lot of bad eating habits that have to be corrected, so having access to food pretty much all the time is horrible!!  I swear I just open the fridge and just stare and daydream about eating!  That is when you know you have a serious problem.  Like, do I need to go to group therapy?  Eating Anonymous?  Is that a thing?  Should I bring a dish?  



So how do we keep ourselves accountable?  Especially when results are so far down the line?  It's not like we get rewarded right away for our dedication, in my case I usually get crabby and anxious.  I really am asking, how do we keep ourselves accountable?  Visualization of our goals? Distraction with other activities?  Compromising? Do I take up meditation?  I would basically be mediating the entire day… I would have to hire someone to watch my kids.  Plus side, I would be very much at Zen and hungry…



Basically I am saying that at the end of the day the only person we are hurting or helping is ourselves.  The only person that has the power to hurt or help us is ourselves.  So in the moments when we(or just me) want to stuff our face with everything and anything, remember we have the power.  (I might make that my matra…)