Freezer Meals

My neighbor Liz and I have been talking about getting freezers meals together forever!  Well, maybe like a year, but the day has finally come!  We actually set a date, got our recipes, and time to prepare!



The reasoning behind freezers meals are convenience and cost effectiveness.  Do a bunch of work now, have little to do later.(FYI, that is my favorite type of work) The neighbor and I each picked four recipes and we doubled up so in total we both should have 8 dinners for our families.  When I was picking out meals on Pinterest my criteria was 1. I can just dump it in the slowcooker 2. It could be stored in a plastic bag.  I have a small freezer so I don’t have a lot of restate for big disposable pans, but it was harder than I thought finding recipes.  To be clear, there are a lot of soup recipes but I wanted something a little heartier.  Something with a little more substance to it!  



All in all, we each have 9 meals costing in total $220.  


Here how it looks broken down

                                             $12.20/meal (for a family of 4)




Not bad at all.  This is my first experience with freezers meals so I can’t wait to see the results, one of the recipes I picked was a ravioli lasagna and I am a little worried about that… It might not be that great, sorry neighbors.