When is it too cold to take the dog.

Hello everyone, I need this week to end.  I am just done with it.  It's not even a bad week, I’m just hormonal.  Ugh.  


Anyways, my mom and I have been trying to get together on the weekends and walk this trail together.  Neither one of us wants to do it because it is really, really hard walking in the snow, but an awesome workout.  Normally I always to bing my dog with, but with the sub-freezing temperatures I don’t think it safe.  My poor honey, she knows I am going for a walk to and it just guts me leaving her home.  I don’t know how dogs know when you are going for a walk/run but they know.  As soon as I start getting dressed she somehow knows.  I am giving off some sort of vibe?  Adaline?  How does she know?  Then going past the house and seeing her eyes in the window watching me!  Uhg!  I feel so guilty.  I actually try to lie to my dog when I leave without her!!  “I’m just going to the store”  “I’m not running, I’m just going to a friends house”  



My dog doesn’t seem to buy the excuse that it is to cold for her to walk, which brings me to my point, when is it too cold to take the dog?  This is what I found on PetMd.  All dogs are fine as long as the temperature is above 45 degrees, when it gets to be under freezing(32) that's when we have to watch out.  At freezing temperature small dogs or dogs with thin coats(think greyhounds) will start to have hard times.  Huskies, german shepherds, dog with thick coats should still be relatively fine at these temperatures.  When the temperatures hit 20 degrees that is when all dogs could be at risk, PetMD recommends that dogs make stay outside for no longer than 30 minutes.  



Well, this Saturday is going to be 12 degrees… So I guess that mean lying to my dog again...