What the treadmill is good for

Hello everyone, I hope you had an amazing weekend!  Mine started with 6 miles with my mom and ended with ribs on the grill at my house with… my mom!  Brad put the ribs on the grill and man were they awesome!  One of my favorite smells is a charcoal grill, that should be a candle.  Although… would that make me hungry?  Possibly.



Like the majority of us I hate running on the treadmill but in the dead of winter in Wisconsin with two small kids, the treadmill is usually my best option.  Running in place while looking at basement walls is no fun but I have found something that treadmills are really good for… Speed work.  Treadmills are a really great way to get some speed work in.  Whether you want to run hills or intervals, the treadmill has your back.  Running hills has always intimated me and I never even thought to run hills on the treadmill, when you look at the picture on the treadmill of hills it looks horrible!! Why would anyone do that to themselves?  



I know have a little more understanding of why they do it.   Harder workout usually means growth.  Push yourself to exhaustion is good, its a way of having a controlled failure which hopefully will equate to success and growth.  I learned that from Will Smith’s Youtube channel, who knew Will Smith had a Youtube channel?  



So if you are like me and stuck on the treadmill for a few more months mix it up and try for some speedwork once a week. Let's slay those miles in the summer!