New Year, New You

Hello again beautiful people!!  We haven’t talked in a while, how are you, how are you feeling, how were your holidays?  I wish we were talking in person so I could actually hear responses to all my questions.  I took time at the Holidays to just enjoy my family and be in the moment and it was WONDERFUL!!!  My husband actually took time off of  work and it was so nice to have all of his attention.  He hasn’t taken a whole lot of time off lately, and when he does he still usually works from home.  Having him home with no computer was so awesome.  We also had the in-laws over and the kids had a blast with them, it has just been a wonderful two weeks.  It’s amazing how energized I feel!  It is not like we did anything crazy, we stayed home and just played games, had a couple date nights, I actually wore makeup and tried to look nice for my hubby!  Sigh….



Backs to business.  How do you guys feel about resolutions?  Are you into them?  Do you think they are a waste of time?  I am all about them.  I know the new year is just a continuation but I love the feeling of a blank slate.  The opportunity to improve yourself always gets me excited, and it feels like the New Year's is the ultimate opportunity.  The problem with New Year's resolutions is what a short life span they have, most people have given up by February!  February… that's a few weeks away.  My personal experience of creating new habits is that it takes a good 40 or more days.  That is how long it took for my runstreak to “stick”  so we have to push past January and get to mid February to give our new resolutions a chance to stick.  


So here are my unqualified tips to keeping a new years resolution.


  1. Make them realistic.  It's all about rebranding if you will.  Let's change the classic resolution of “I’m going to lose (enter number here) pounds” to “I’m going to concentrate on making smarter eating choices”

  2. Make goals to help you get to your end game.  Looking at the above example, it is easier to achieve and keep a resolution when you have the how’s figured out.  If you want to lose weight or exercise more having the plan as your goal is more achievable.  Ex. I'm going to get 1 hour of exercise a week.  

  3. Flexibility.  Give your resolutions room for life to interfere.  I know for me personally my goals/resolutions can be so black or white that when something goes wrong, I say “screw it”  There will be times that things don’t go right, adapt to the situation and try to make it work to the best of you abilities.

  4. Go small.  I think this is one of the biggest problems when it comes to resolutions.  We all make these huge almost unachievable goals that it is no wonder we barely make it to February.  We burn out!  Start small and as you achieve goals make them bigger!

  5. Make them gradual.  Start small and end big.  Set yourself up for success.  Start with a goal/resolution for January.  Then adapt it for February and so on.  Its alot easier to achieve your goal/resolution when you have a solid base to build on.  


Lets go crush these resolutions!!