My mom was right

Hello everyone, I know I have been MIA lately and I am about to explain why.


It all starts with my mom.  I was telling her that I don’t think I was made for the blog lifestyle, that I just don’t have the self discipline to work from home and I need more structure, and its just not working out.  Being a good mother she sympathizes with me and understood where I was coming from and then we moved on to a different subject.  Now, during this time I was eating horribly!  I am in a horrible place right now, going back to all my bad eating habits!  Ugh!!!!  I am so mad, embarrassed, and envious right now!  Ever since the holidays my eating has been just bad.  And that was what… a month ago?  So fast forward a few days and my mom and I are talking again and she says “I understand your feelings on working from home, but I think what you are really doing is just giving up.”  Huh… yeah, I am.  I am totally giving up.  


With my “failure” right now with my health why would I want to broadcast that on social media.  Putting yourself out there to be judged is hard and dumb.  So you know what is easier than admitting your failings, quitting.  And like the saying goes, Mother was right.  I was quitting.  It's amazing that I didn’t see it.  You would think that it would be obvious, but instead of admitting the truth I was making excuses on why I should quit.  Well, I don’t want to be known as a quitter.  So here I go again.