Run into the New Year Race Review

Run into the New Year Review


Thursday!!!  I am super worried about tomorrow's weigh in… The week between Christmas and New Year was bad.  And it will show on the scale, trust me.


In other news, on New Years Eve Amber, Jessi and I participated in the Lighthouse running events Run into the New Year.  We did the be easy 5k and had a blast!  We all are at different fitness levels so we decided to just enjoy the 5k and put no pressure on time.  This is my 3rd time running this particular race and it does not disappoint.  



This year was a little different because they provide shuttles to the race from a nearby park and ride which was wonderful because of the construction around the actual location.  This year and I think every year it was held at Milwaukee County Sports Complex which is beautiful location.  Part of the run is over this wooden bridge and when you have hundreds of runners on it at once it actually… bounces for lack of a better word.  It sounds weird and when you first experience it it can be a little scary but I find it fun.  You are only the bridge for maybe a quarter mile so don’t let that deter you and actually enjoy the ride. ;)  



With temperature at 4 degrees it was important to dress warmly! I had on knee high socks, regular sock, leggings, sweatpants, tank top, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, two sweaters, ear muff and a hat.  Wow, thats a lot of layers!!  Totally worth it though, after the first mile I was not cold at all!  I would have more pictures but my phone said “screw the cold, I'm shutting down.”  We are hoping to make this a yearly tradition, it is an awesome way to end one year and begin another.  End with health and start with health.  



Now I just have to stop eating…