Friday Enticements 1-5-18

Weekly Check-in



Total pounds lost this week   +3

Total pounds lost                    12


Well… This sucks.  I totally deserve it, but it sucks.  It really sucks how hard it is to lose weight and how easy it is to gain.  This just reinforces why you have to make this a lifestyle.


Well, here is what I am looking forward to this weekend.


Jumanji.  I am hoping I can get someone to go with me, NO popcorn though!

Going outside.  It is doing to be double digits on Saturday so that means taking my running outside!


Putting away Christmas decorations.  Anything with Santa is gone, it's amazing how boring my house looks when I take down the Santa decor.  


Christmas Sales.  Is it sad that I have already started my christmas shopping for next year?  But in my defense I am getting great deals.  I just hope I remember that i bought them!

A Body Doesn’t lie.  This is a health book(in case you didn’t get that from the title) I thought I would start the new year in the right frame of mind.

Cocktail.  Any cocktail, don’t even think about taking those away from me.