You guys, I am not starting my new year right, I just can not get back on the wagon!!  Please help me!!  I alway start the day really well and then 2-3 o'clock comes along and BAM!!! All down hill!!  Ahhhh!  I hate this.  How can I be so full of motivation one day and then nothing.  Nothing but “I’ll start fresh tomorrow”  


I need help, how to I get re-motivated.  I need to get back on my healthy path but I just can’t seem to keep motivated long enough.  I Googled “how to stay motivated” and this is what found.  


1.  Set Goals.  Surprisingly I really don’t have any goals.  All I wanted was to see improvement and lose weight.  Lets get more specific


Goal: Run a 5k under 30 minutes and a 10k under an hour.  Be back at my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of the year.  (I would need to lose 31 pounds)


2.  Make physical activity part of you daily activity.  


Done with my runstreak but I think I need to do more than that.  Maybe just a get a mile in some days and add different types of cardio into the mix.


3. Visualize your goal down to the most minute detail.


I can do that.


4. Break your goal down into smaller accomplishments to reach your end goal.


Got it. Let's start with getting down to 10:30 pace (I am at 11:30 now) and let's aim for losing 8 pounds.  That would bring me down 20 pounds.


I have to say, I feel better already just after writing this.  I’m going to try to checking in on social media tomorrow around the 2-3 o'clock hour(the danger hour), hopefully tomorrow really is a fresh start.