Maple Bourbon Old Fashion

Maple Bourbon Old Fashion


Hello everyone, I have a good one for you today.  When we went up to Door County for a girls weekend a local bar up there had this drink and it was amazing!  I didn’t think I was a bourbon girl but since having this drink that is all I want! It's so good.  If you don’t have maple bourbon, don’t feel like you have to go buy it just for this (but if you are a cocktail person, I say go for it) you could replace it with plain bourbon or brandy.  Enjoy



Ingredients                    Serves 1


1.5 oz Maple bourbon

.75 oz Pure Maple syrup (half a shot glass)

3-5 dashes bitters

White soda


Cherries and/or olives



  1. Pour maple syrup and bitter together in cocktail glass and mix together.  

  2. Add Maple Bourbon

  3. Fill glass halfway with ice

  4. Pour white soda to top of glass

  5. Add either cherries or olives depending on taste

  6. Enjoy